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12/07(Tue.)Lecture: Best Vaccine—Pandemic-Related Movies Appreciation

Best Vaccine—Pandemic-Related Movies Appreciation

“The promised military service”

“The promised trip”

“The promised exhibition”

The unexpected fight, unexpected hurt, unexpected . . .


Have you wondered why life never goes with the plan? 

Can you make your action go with the plan according to the decision?

During and after the pandemic of COVID-19, we have deeply felt many “necessary restriction” in life that we can’t handle well.


Life is like a drama. A movie is a story narrating life journey with the mobile image. During the pandemic of COVID-19, the similarities between many disaster movies and real life situations touch our heart deeply. The team of Oscar Life Education Lecture studies the pandemic-related movies and selects the great parts to show you “love” during the pandemic. Let’s research on the best vaccine for the pandemic together!


Join the lecture, you will understand:

  • “The pandemic is the best test.”—I can have the deeper understanding about a person during the pandemic.
  • The post-pandemic life education tells you how people face the explosive omen.
  • Love, care, and mutual help are the best ways to face the pandemic.


About Oscar Life Education Lecture:

Through the discussion about movies, phenomenon, and relationship, the role playing will connect to real life and guide us to “understand movies,” “feel the uncertainty and changes in life,” and further “applying movies.” Watching movies is not only an activity to take photos and check in on the social media without feelings!


Registration Information:


  • Time: 2021/12/07(Tue.) 15:30-17:20
  • Place: 4th Meeting Room, 1F, MicroInfo Research Center, Guangfu Campus
  • Lecturer: Ng Shu-Sum


Participants: NYCU students, faculty, and general public, 99 vacancies

Registration Method: Please click here to sign up or line up for standby. (The number of seats is limited. Please register in advance.)

Registration Deadline:  12/ 3


The activity offers 2 approved training hours to public servant education, art and culture passport, and teacher’s passport.