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The Elk Who Gets Lost-Adventure and Treasure Hunt (Online Game)

🚩🚩🚩To the Game 🚩🚩🚩

Oh my goodness! The little elk gets lost! The little elk gets lost!

Oh no, it is not he who gets lost but his mind!!

Because of the pandemic, he can no longer wander freely in the forest. The promised future has also changed overnight.

The original simple and beautiful life becomes turbulent. All kinds of uncertainties and restrictions also make him unhappy and anxious.

He finds himself facing some unprecedented challenges as if getting lost in the misty forest.

But magically, after he learns to stay calm at every moment and greet every challenge of self-care and relationship adaptation, he finds he’s got plenty of priceless treasures unknowingly!


Do you want to experience a journey full of healing magic together with the little elk?

Are you ready to collect all kinds of soothing and healing treasures?

On October 1, come to start your “Little Elk Adventure and Treasure Hunt together.


Activity Time:(For the latest information, please pay attention to the fan page of Mental Health and Counseling Center.)

Give likes to FB post and join prize draw: 2021/09/06~2021/11/06

This semester, the little elk, who knows and enjoys HYGGE, the Danish secret to happiness, will accompany us on the journey of adventure and treasure hunt.

Let’s explore “self-care” and “relationship adaptation” during the pandemic and fill every day with the healing magic.❤️

Complete the steps in the post and win the opportunity of prize draw!

For more information, please see the post on the FB fan page of Mental Health and Counseling Center, “Lost Little Elk-Adventure and Treasure Hunt” or click here

*Prizes: 1.MUJI Portable Aromatherapy Machine (Including 10ml Essential Oil), 2. Elk Night Light, 3. MUJI Desktop Fan, 4. Elk Reading Lamp, 5. Hi-Life NT$100 Gift Certificate, 6. Häagen-Dazs Minicup Voucher.


Online Treasure Hunt: 2021/10/01~2021/12/10

Despite the uncertainties and changes in the world, the little elk still bravely hits on his journey of adventure and treasure hunt.

There are 8 treasures in the misty forest. Create an account, get the little elk pass, and find the 8 treasures in order during the activity to join the prize draw.

Besides, screenshot the completion page and claim the limited gift at the counter of the center (Activity Center 3F, Guangfu Campus, Hsinchu)! Limited quantity available!

* Limited Gift: 100 TeaTank Drinks Vouchers (limited quantity)

*Prizes: 1. Tokiya Voucher for Two Persons, 2.Eatogether Voucher for Two Persons 3.VieShow Ticket for Two Persons, 4. Candle Warmer, 5. Wood Elk Night Light, 6.Costco Bedside Table

※The organizer keeps the right to change and end the activity. Any change or notification will be announced on the fan page.