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9/29(Wed.)Lecture: Stay with Love–Satir Parent-Child Communication

Stay with Love—Satir Parent-Child Communication

We seldom listen to children’s inner voice but react to their outer behavior most of the time. -Virginia Satir     

Do you feel frustrated with the failed communication when you want to draw the relationship with children/family closer?
You clearly understand proper expression and attentive listening to others are the best ways to shorten the distance, but you tend to halt and block the conversation because of anxiety, emotions, or insincere speech. 


Let’s talk well, change the ordinary conversation habits, and adjust the responsive ways by checking each other’s viewpoint through Satir Model to make communication more effectively.
The conversation with care and respect will open the different communication, where love will flow and draw each other closer. 

👉Through the lecture, you will:
️Understand the Satir parent-child communication.
️Cultivate the good ways of communication.
️Learn to start a conversation with Satir Growth Model.


Time: 2021/9/29 (Wed.) 13:20-15:10

Place: Live Stream

       (Please pay attention to the live stream website address offered by the organizer in the email before the activity starts.)

Lecturer: Counseling Psychologist Wu Koong-chyi

Participants: NYCU students, faculty, and general public, 100 vacancies

Registration Method: Please click here to sign up on line.

Registration Deadline:  9/ 24

※The activity offers 2 approved training hours to public servant education, art and culture passport, and teacher’s passport.