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10/13(Wed.)Lecture: Sweet Dream-Tips to Stress Relief and Good Sleep

Sweet Dream-Tips to Stress Relief and Good Sleep

Do you always feel stressed out when dealing with many things in life?

Do you worry about your school performance and interpersonal relationship and feel exhausted physically and mentally because you want to tend to every aspect?     

Do you always toss and turn every night and find it hard to fall asleep even after counting thousands of sheep?

Do you miss the moment when waking up with a refreshing mind after a good night’s sleep?


We all know that the sufficient and quality sleep can soothe anxiety and pressure.

Quality sleep is the best way to relieve pressure, especially when we encounter the frustrations in life.

If you want to learn more about how to have the best sleeping quality, come to find what the speaker shares about good sleep and major tips to helping yourself fall asleep faster to make your life full of energy and power every day.

👉Through the lecture, you will:
✔️ Learn about sleep.
✔️ Form good sleeping habits.
✔️ Learn about the relaxing skills and strengthen sleeping quality.

Time: 2021/10/13 (Wed.) 15:30-17:20

Place: Live Stream

       (Please pay attention to the live stream website address offered by the organizer in the email before the activity starts.)

Lecturer: Clinical Psychologist Wu Chia-shuo

Participants: NYCU students, faculty, and general public, 100 vacancies

Registration Method: Please click here to sign up.

Registration Deadline: 10/8

The activity offers 2 approved training hours to public servant education, art and culture passport, and teacher’s passport.