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【Campus Workshop】2016/04/30 Opening up the Eyes of Courage – Accepting and Cherish the“True”Self


【Resource Classroom Activities】

Opening up the Eyes of Courage – Accepting and Cherish the“True”Self

“When I see everyone feeling sad, I realize that we are forgetting how great we actually are. Instead, we dishearten ourselves, blame ourselves, disappoint ourselves. We try our best to please others, strive to achieve our goals….we invest so much energy in loving others, but, what about ourselves?”

Can we accept our imperfections and love ourselves more everyday?
Can we courageously meet the imperfect self, and cherish this true self?
We can practice falling in love with ourselves!

You are invited to drop your everyday, mundane tasks to set aside some time to practice treating yourself better. Embrace the parts of you that you like and dislike, the parts that are good and bad. You can be better and happier than you’ve ever imagined!

~Be real and fall in love with yourself~

Wan-Jhen Yang
Intern at NCTU Counseling Center


Time: 2016/04/23 (Sat) 9:00-16:00
Location: Group Counseling Room, Resource Classroom, Activity Center, 2F
Lecturer: Wan-Jhen Yang (Intern at NCTU Counseling Center)
Participants: up to 12 NCTU students
To Register: Register at the Resource Classroom (Activity Center, 2F)
        (Sign-up before 04/15, the waitlist will be announced at 04/18)
        A 200$ deposit is required and will be fully reimbursed upon full participation.