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11/8(Mon.)Lecture: Be an Ideal Lover during the Pandemic—Communication in Close Relationship

Be an Ideal Lover during the Pandemic—Communication in Close Relationship 

There is always something to win and something to lose in a close relationship. It is not easy to clarify all the risks. 

However, we can seize total victory in love with wisdom.


Communication in close relationship takes learning and practice.  

During the pandemic prevention period, let’s learn mutual communication and shared need in close relationship together and become an ideal lover in isolation!


Through the lecture, you will:

  Understand more about how to speak out your need in a relationship.

  Learn how to listen to your partner’s expectation.

  Practice how to coordinate and balance close relationship in life.

 Registration Information:


  • Time: 2021/11/8(Mon.) 13:20-15:10
  • Place: 4th Meeting Room, 1F, MicroInfo Research Center, Guangfu Campus
  • Lecturer: Counseling Psychologist Lin Yu-fang


Participants: NYCU students, faculty, and general public, 99 vacancies

Registration Method: Please click here to sign up or line up for standby. (The number of seats is limited. Please register in advance.)

Registration Deadline:  11/ 3

※The activity offers 2 approved training hours to public servant education, art and culture passport, and teacher’s passport.