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Current Executives


Position Name Grade and Department Duties
President Hao-Chuan Fang ICSE, class of 106 1. Assisting the Center in developing the blueprint of the Club
2. Directing major events
3. Convening executing meetings
4. Supervision of executives
5. Training, planning, and developing volunteers, along with teachers
6. Convening general assemblies of the Club
7. Nominating and voting of the “Outstanding Volunteer Award8. Liaising between the Club and the Center
Vice President Chia-Ying Kuan MS, class of107 1.      Assisting the president

2.      Co-directing of major events

3.      Acting as the deputy president when the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties

4.      Recruiting, selecting, training, and developing of new volunteers, along with instructors

5.      Supervising and managing volunteer shifts

VP Events Cheng-Hsuang Chu TLM, class of 107 1.      Hosting birthday parties, get-togethers within and outside the Club, and welcome parties

2.      Purchasing and managing equipment for activities

3.      Training members

VP Graphic Arts Pei-Chun Chen MS, class of 107 1.      Decorating venues and producing posters for Club events, in addition to providing assistance for events outside the Center

2.      Producing various types of cards

3.      Decorating and maintaining the Center’s bulletin board

4.      Purchasing and managing artistic supplies

5.      Promoting campus-wide events on the internet

6.      Training members

VP Editing Chih-Sheng Chen CSIE, class of 107 1.      Editing periodicals

2.      Publishing periodicals online

3.      Training members

VP Computers Yung-Chia Chu CSIE, class of 107 1.      Training of the COUN system

2.      Managing computer data (including photos from events)

3.      Maintaining the Center’s computer

4.      Updating and maintaining the Club’s webpage

5.      Training of members

VP Library Resources Shun-Chieh Pan CSIE, class of 106 1.      Managing the Center’s library resources, such as cataloguing, shelfing, and circulation management

2.      Managing and shelfing of magazine

3.      Managing the circulation of audiovisual material

4.      Managing GSR2 and other rentable equipment

5.      Managing and archiving major meeting and general assembly records

6.      Handling tasks related to purchasing of books

7.      Training members

Treasurer Tun-Hsien Yen ME, class of 107 1.      Dunning debts of the Club Fund and bookkeeping

2.      Recording the attendance of general assembly

3.      Assisting the vice-president in recording absence and leaves of shift duties

4.      Training members

VP Testing Chiao-Ting Chen IMF, class of 107 1.      Scoring special tests

2.      Assisting in teaching volunteers how to score special tests

3.      Managing the Center’s shelf of tests

4.      Administering general tests in lieu of part-time counselors when needed

5.      Managing the computer systems for scoring tests

6.      Organizing test data of freshmen

7.      Training members