Mental Health and Counseling Center
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The Center hosts different mental health promotion activities each semester, with themes tailored to the current needs of students and staffs, such as accepting one’s imperfection, relationships, LGBT education, and etc. These activities take on various forms, including lectures, workshops, movie viewings, group counseling, book clubs, interactive exhibitions, outdoor activities, psychology lab, and etc.


Through the promotion of these themed events, we wish to enhance student and staffs’ knowledge on psychology and self-help, increase the amiability of the Center, and eradicate stereotype and prejudice regarding psychological disorders, so that everyone is willing to use our resources when in need.


Besides themed activities, the Center also created Stress-Reduction Zones in dormitories, so that students can seek peace and quiet outside their dorm room once they return. The space is created and managed by our volunteers. Every semester, they hold stress-reduction activities and provide magazines, snacks, music, board games, and consultation services using different cards.