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How to Join the Club?

In the Fall semester of each school year, the Club begins recruitment of new volunteers, around 25 new members each year. Recruitment information is also on the Center’s website. Alternatively, you can learn more about us at the NCTU Club Fair.

If you wish to further understand the duties, trainings, and enrollment, you may join us at our Recruitment Seminar and Growth Day. We will provide further explanation at these events, in addition to activities that confer volunteer experience.

After entering the Club, there is a training period of one year, which includes lessons, growth groups, shift duty practices, divisional activities, and etc. At the end of each semester, there is a shift duty role-play and interview. After a year of training and tests, you can become an official volunteer!

Who Can Become a Volunteer?

NCTU students, and priorities are given to those who can receive trainings for one year, and can provide services for one year afterwards.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers play four roles at the Center: Assistor, Promoter, Referrer, and Helper. Volunteers act mainly as the first line of service for students, as the bridge between the Center and students by promoting mental health activities and voluntarily hosting life education events. Throughout the campus, volunteers wield the knowledge learned to accompany people around them, and assist in providing resources as needed.

Benefits of Volunteers?

The Center hosts psychological growth training lessons and workshops for volunteers. They also have registration priorities in the Center’s mental health activities. The Club also regularly hosts birthday parties, casual events, and trips.

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