Mental Health and Counseling Center
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Mission & Purpose




The establishment of the Counseling Center aims to assist NCTU faculty, staff, and students in enhancing self-understanding and strengthening adjustment capabilities to the environment. Through assistance of the professional psychiatrists and counselors hired by the Center, we can first clarify once perplexing and conflicting questions in life, then devote ourselves again; moreover, we can increase our positive emotions and happiness in interpersonal relationships. As a result, we’re able to face adversities with composure, be it in clubs, schoolwork, family, work, romantic relationships, interpersonal relationships, career planning, and etc. Additionally, we can actively pursue happiness and well-being in life, which not only facilitates success at school and at work, but also is conducive to efficient control of our lives.

■Our Vision

    ■Overall Vision of the Center

  1. To establish and to expand a community counseling center.
  2. To construct a mentoring modality appropriate for issues regarding NCTU faculty and students.
  3. To advocate multifarious and proactive mental health promotion activities regarding positive self psychology.

    ■Departmental Counseling

  1. To adapt to the multicultural trend on campus, professional development and international exchange activities are regularly hosted to enhance counselors’ international perspective and multicultural capabilities, in order to accommodate students’ needs.
  2. To strive in the development of online at-risk student screening mechanism, in order to enhance the penetration rate and screening efficacy.
  3. To further develop the system of administration in counseling, by simplifying tasks through computerization.
  4. To flexibly adjust the offering and delivering of career planning courses, so as to increase the interaction with students and to enhance the quality of relationship management.
  5. 5.To ensure the perpetuation and betterment of counseling work at NCTU and to safeguard the personality development of the posterity by imposing more efficient education, we expect the following from the school, in order to achieve the goal of accretion and sedimentation of counseling experience: further value the importance of counseling and guidance work, increase work force, grant unimpeded means of promotion for counselors, improve the roles and benefits of staffs in contract, and subsume all counseling staff into formal staff organization.

    ■Mental Health Promotion

  1. To enhance the mental health of all faculty, staff, and students, and to abolish myths regarding psychological disorders and counseling. To that end, multifarious, creative, proactive events will be hosted, combined with marketing strategies such as advertising on social media websites to increase exposure and to reach out to participants.
  2. In the future, campus events hosted by the Center will emphasize multiculturalism and reinforce mental health services for international students, which entails increasing mental health promotion activities suitable for international students and underlining their multicultural uniqueness, in order to facilitate the appreciation for the varying implications of mental health within different cultures.

    ■The Resource Classroom

  1. To publicize the Resource Classroom and to augment special education capabilities of faculty and staff. To that end, promotional materials of the Resource Classroom will be produced. Additionally, special education promotion and experiential activities regarding people with disabilities will be planned, which serve to assist faculty and students in further understanding the Resource Classroom and the uniqueness of special education students.
  2. To host events of various topics and to increase exchange among schools. To that end, guidance activities of varying topics will be continually hosted, in order to facilitate the mind-body-spiritual development. Moreover, other institutions will be invited, so as to strengthen the bond among institutions.
  3. To perfect the activity space for students and to construct a cozy and comfortable environment. To that end, the Classroom will actively appeal to expand students’ activity space and will design multifunctional areas that accommodate learning and relaxation, which serve as friendly and supportive environment for students.

    ■Counseling Practicum and Internship

  1. To enhance the degree of professionalism in counseling of intern/practicum counselors, mentor training program exclusive to the Center will be established, in order to improve the capabilities and clinical abilities of mentors. Additionally, the program will provide professional mentoring as required by intern/practicum counselors in their professional learning at NCTU.
  2. To expand counseling areas of intern/practicum counselors, diverse intern/practicum tasks and opportunities will be provided, such as dormitory consultation services, community consultation services during summer vacation, counseling and consultation services for international students, and etc. In the future, intern/practicum counselors may propose concrete intern/practicum plans regarding idiosyncratic learning needs, in order to ensure the uniqueness and professionalism of their internship and practicum.

    ■Volunteers of Counseling Center Club

  1. To continually enhance the training of volunteers, so as to strengthen Volunteers’ understanding of common mental health issues on campus, in order to learn means of self-help and helping others in life.
  2. To assist the Center in promoting proper attitudes regarding “counseling”, “mental health”, and “psychological well-being”, in addition to abolishing biases. As a result, the faculty and students can utilize the services and resources of the Center when needed.
  3. Volunteers can be proactive in providing care and preaching proper attitudes to students on campus, in order to enhance friendliness and caring.