Mental Health and Counseling Center
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Center Organization

The Center is an administrative organization subordinate to the NCTU Office of Student Affairs; therefore, the promotion of our practice should not only entail the provision of professional counseling to all staff and students, but also adhere to the relevant guidance policies of NCTU.


The organization of our staff is as follows:

  1. Director: The highest person in charge in the Center, appointed by the Office of Student Affairs
  2. Administrative Assistant: Handling of all administrative tasks of the Center, employed by the University.
  3. Full-time Counselor: Promotion of counseling and guidance services on campus, employed by the University.
  4. Part-time Counselor and Psychiatrist: Chiefly responsible for individual counseling and professional mentoring.
  5. Intern/Practicum Counselor: Assisting in intern/practicum counseling on campus, recruited by the Center after interview.
  6. Volunteers of the Center: Assisting in the promotion of counseling and guidance services, assumed by qualified and trained NCTU students.
  7. The Resource Classroom: Promoting guidance services required by students with special educational needs, employed by the University.
  8. Case Manager: Managing and Referring of various types of clients.