Mental Health and Counseling Center
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Future Prospect of the Center

  1. Establish and expand the community counseling center.
  2. Construct the supervising mode for the issues relevant to the staff and students of NCTU
  3. Strengthen the diverse and optimistic promotion activities on personal mental health.


■Department Counseling

  1. To respond to the trend of diverse culture on campus, increase the counselors’ global view and diverse cultural ability, and meet the students’ need, we regularly hold the professional further education and international exchanges.
  2. We are devoted to developing the online high-care screening mechanism to raise the testing rate and screening efficiency.
  3. We develop the counseling administrative system to achieve the simplifying effect through the electronic operation.
  4. We flexibly adjust the offering and teaching methods of the career planning course to deepen the quality of the interaction with the students and relationship management.
  5. To have a longer and better practice of the department counseling in NCTU and to more effectively guarding the education of the next generation’s character development, we expect the school to put more emphasis on the importance of counseling by adding more manpower, opening the promotion channel for the counselors, improving the contract employment and related welfare measures, and including all the counseling staff into the official employment to achieve the counseling experience accumulation and the goal of taking roots.


■Mental Health Promotion

  1. To benefit the mental health of all staff and students and break the myth about mental illnesses and psychological counseling, we will take concrete action to hold the activities in a more diverse and innovative way, turning passivity to activity. We will also promote the activities through the latest social media to increase the activity exposure and get close to the activity targets.
  2. The on-campus activities the center holds in the future will focus on the diverse cultural issues and emphasize the foreign students’ mental health service by adding the mental promotion activities for the foreign students and paying attention to the diverse cultural specialty to encourage the staff and students of the school to respect the meaning of mental health in different cultures.


■ Resource Classroom

  1. Promote the resource classroom and raise the staff and students’ knowledge on special education: We will make printed literature for the resource classroom and plan the special education promotion and the physical disability experience activity to assist the staff and students in understanding more about the resource classroom and the special education students’ traits.
  2. Hold activities of diverse topics to increase the interschool interaction and exchange: We will continue to hold the counseling activities of different topics to promote the students’ physical and mental development and invite other schools to participate to strengthen the interschool emotional bonds.
  3. Complete the students’ activity space and create a warm and comfortable environment:We will actively strive to expand the students’ activity space and plan the multi-functional area for learning and relaxation to become a friendly and supportive environment for the students’ school life.


■Counseling Internship

  1. To increase the intern counselors’ counseling professionalism, we will establishe the professional supervising and training system exclusive to the center to enhance and supervise their professional capability and practical ability, respond to the intern counselors’ needs for the professional counseling learning in our school, and provide the required professional guidance.
  2. To expand the intern counselors’ counseling service perspectives, we will offer the diverse contents of internship, such as the dorm counseling service, summer community counseling service, and foreign students’ counseling service. In the future, the intern counselors can propose the concrete intern scheme and project based on the personal learning needs to make the contents of their internship both unique and professional.


■Volunteer Group

  1. We will continue to strengthen the volunteer training to raise the volunteers’ knowledge and understanding about the common mental health issues on campus so that they can learn to help themselves and others in life.
  2. The volunteer group will assist the center in promoting the correct concepts on “counseling” and “mental health” and breaking the prejudice so that the staff and students in need can make good use of the service and resources of the center.
  3. The volunteers can turn passivity to activity by actively showing concern for schoolmates on campus or promoting the concept of mental health to bring more friendliness and care to the campus.