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Counseling Specializations

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For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the Chinese version

Full-time Counselors

1.  Yi-Ren Lu existential counseling; self-exploration; interpersonal/romantic issues; career planning
2.   Da-He Yang depression; grief; trauma; companionship; sexual assaults; psychoanalytic therapy
3.  Ying-Chu Hsu grief counseling; familial and marital issues; career counseling; gender issues; emotional intelligence; stress coping
 4. Sho-Chiang Kong intuitive Tarot exploration; gender and homosexual issues; self-exploration
5.   Zheng-Xun He career planning; emotional and stress management; self-exploration and growth; interpersonal relationships
6.   Li-Yen Wu self-exploration and identification; gender issues; relationships counseling; counseling services in English; grief and desperation issues
7.   Chen-Hong Wang career planning; family (parent-child) relationship; emotional intelligence
8.   Yu-Jie Lin  self-exploration and achievement; emotional adjustment; pressure management; relationship issues; career planning
9.   Yu-Wen Chang sleeping problems; time management; stress coping; self-understanding; interpersonal relationships;  relationships counseling
10. Ting-Yu Chen emotional experience driven topics; Getalt therapy; interpersonal and intimate relationship; trauma depression; expressive art materials
11. Ting-Mei Chen interpersonal relationships; relationships counseling; self-exploration
12. Wei-Ting Chen self-exploration and achievement; emotional intelligence; stress coping; interpersonal relationship; satir family therapy
13. Si-Rong Peng self-exploration; emotional intelligence; stress coping; family relationship; card related materials
14. Qing Zeng self-exploration; emotional intelligence; Stress coping; life accommodation; relationships counseling; career planning
 15. Yu-Ting Liu self-exploration; emotional intelligence; stress coping; relationships counseling; family relationship
 Adjunct Psychiatrist and Counselors
1. Da-Yuang Ma (Psychiatrist) psychological medicine; sleeping; headache; stress coping; suicide prevention; physical and mental care; general psychology therapy
2. Kuei-Yu Liang (Psychiatrist) neurosis; feeding and eating disorders; depressive disorders; sleep disorders; general psychotherapy
3. Wen-Ke Chen (Psychiatrist) insomnia; depressive disorders; anxiety disorders; panic disorder; Schizophrenia; family and marriage counseling; interpersonal relationships
4. Chun-Chih He psychological evaluation and psychotherapy; addiction counseling; emotion and stress relief; cognitive-behavioral change; career planning
5. Yin Wu gender relations; self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
6. Shi-Quan Wu self-understanding; career planning; faith; family issues; interpersonal relationships
7. Kuei-Jun Wu career planning; self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
8. Xue-Zhi Wu career planning; gender issues; psychological disorders; self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
9. Zang-Ru Lee deep dream analysis; marriage and family counseling; interpersonal relationships and communication; family violence; sexual assault; sand play therapy
10.Xiao-Hui Du self-exploration; career planning; interpersonal relationships; issues in emotion and grief
11. Wan-Jen Shen exploration of family of origin; marital relationship; interpersonal relationships
12.Ya-Fen Lin career planning and exploration; interpersonal relationship and communication; family and gender issues
13. Chin-Tong Chuang interpersonal relationships; gender and homo-sexual life;  Tarot reading
14. Ying-Shao Hsu grief counseling; gender and family counseling; emotional counseling
15. Ching-Yi Chen intimate relationships; self-exploration; interpersonal relationships
 16. Ling-Lan Huang gender issues; self-exploration; relationships counseling
17. Shu-Ling Liu self-integration; interpersonal relationships; homeland connection; family and gender issues
18. Pei-Chuan Hsieh meditation and relaxation; emotional intelligence; parent-child relationship; self-exploration
19. Li-Zhen Zhong self-exploration and identification; relationships counseling, grief and depression issues
20. Yu-Shung Xu interpersonal communication, marriage/partners counseling, emotional issues, parental issues


1.    Xin-Ru Yuang self-exploration, career planning, relationships issues
2.    Jing-Yi Xu self-exploration, relationship counseling, emotional intelligence, stress coping, suicide prevention
3.    Bo-Rui Zhu self-exploration, interpersonal relationships, relationship counseling, gender diversity issues, board game materials
4.    Yu-Ting Zheng career planning, relationship issues, interpersonal issues, horticultural therapy,