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Gender Diversity Support Service

Since the establishment, Center of Counseling, NCTU, has always conducted the counseling sessions with the standpoint friendly to LGBTQ+. Besides the long-term cooperation with the gender equality and LGBT societies on campus, we engage in the gender equality education of LGBT and gender diversity in planning the college life and advisor class so that the students will learn about and show respect for the LGBT and diverse gender groups. At the same time, we also hold a series of counseling and promoting activities on LGBT and gender diversity in the school, such as “Meet Rainbow, Meet Love,” “Get Together under the Rainbow: Diverse Relationship Happy Market,” “Supportive Action for Marriage Equality,” “Another Possibility for Happiness: Bill Discussion and Practical Experience Sharing on Diversified Families,” “Writing Gender Stories,” “NCTU Gender Rainbow Month,” etc. Besides, we also edit the brochures of the gender-related issues, including “Not about Sex-Crossing the Border of Gender” and “Respect between You and Me-Self Protection against Sexual Harassment on Campus.” It is hoped to promote diverse gender equality, respect, and acceptance to every corner of the campus.

If you are a student of LGBTQ+ and if you have the need for psychological counseling about self-identification and acceptance, coming out of the closet, human relations, couple and intimate relationship, family issues, or sex issues, welcome to contact your department counselor actively. We will welcome and accept you with the friendly attitude and provide you with the needed assistance and resources. You are not alone!

We hang the rainbow flag in front of Center of Counseling. The door is always open to you!