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Departmental Counseling Services

At NCTU, each department has its own departmental counselor, who provides services such as consultation and guidance on school life, hosting lectures and events relevant to each department. What’s more, they advise Career Planning courses for freshmen.

You can also make an appointment with your departmental counselor for any issues, regarding schoolwork, relationships, interpersonal relationships, and etc.

➤Main duties of departmental counselors:

Promoting departmental counseling, freshmen guidance courses, counseling and consulting students within responsible departments, handling urgent and high-risk clients, following-up on special students, freshmen counseling, and consultation of 1/2 and suspended students.

➤Departments responsible:


Counselor  Department  Ext.


Dept. of Transportation & Logistics Management / Dept. of Management Science / Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management / Inst. of Information Management /Inst. of Management of Technology / Inst. of Traffic and Transportation / Inst. of Business & Management  51311


Yi-Ling Pu

(Ting-Yu Liu)

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering / Degree Program of Nano Science and Engineering / Inst. of Electrical and Computer Engineering  / Inst. of Electrical Control Engineering  / Inst. of Communication Engineering / Master Program of Sound and Music Innovative Technologies  51310


Ting-Yu Chen Dept. of Civil Engineering / Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences / Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures / Dept. of Communication and Technology / Inst. of Communication Studies / Inst. of Applied Arts / Inst. of Music / Inst. of Architecture / Inst. of TESOL/ Inst. for Social Research and Cultural Studies  51308




Dept. of Applied Mathematics / Dept. of Applied Chemistry / Dept. of Electrophysics / Inst. of Physics / Inst. of Finance / Inst. of Statistics/ Institute of Education 51309


Wei-Ting Chen Dept. of Electronics Engineering / College of Biological Science and Technology / Dept. of Photonics / College of Photonics(Tainan) / Display Institute / Graduate Program for Science and Technology of Accelerator Light Source  51306




Dept of Computer Science / Inst. of Computer Science and Engineering / Inst. of Environmental Engineering / Executive of Business Administration /Inst. of Network Engineering / Inst. of Multimedia Engineering / Institute of Biomedical Engineering / EECS International Graduate Program  51320


 Wu, Li Yen Dept. of Mechanical Engineering / Dept. of Material Science and Engineering / EECS Undergraduate Honors Program / Inst. of Nanotechnology / Inst. of Technology Law  51319


Ting-Mei Chen Campus Counseling Activities 51307


Si-Rong Peng Campus Counseling Activities 51312