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About the Volunteers of Counseling Center Club

■Who Are We?

The Volunteers of Counseling Center Club (the Club) is consisted of a group of students who are passionate about serving others. As the first line of service stationed near the Center’s entrance, we greet each student with profuse warmth. We are also key players in assisting the promotion of mental health activities, not only helping the counselors at the Center, but also planning our own events. From conceiving to implementing, we voluntarily host the Life Care Week events, aiming to guide NCTU students in learning life education. We are the bridge between the Center and fellow students, seeds that spread love and caring throughout the NCTU campus.

Volunteers at the Center are adept helpers who have received series of trainings, including basic knowledge about mental disorders, time management, interpersonal communications, self-growth group, self-exploration group, empathy training group, shift duties, dormitory shift duties, and relevant training within each division. Through these trainings, we are better able to take others’ perspectives, empathize with others, and provide appropriate responses.

At the Club, you can meet all kinds of people from different departments, from different years, who are more than willing to help and support one another. The counselors at the Center can also help solving your problems with their expertise in counseling and with Tarot cards! At the Center, there is a designated sofa area for volunteers to hang out comfortably, be it eating or chatting. At night, volunteers can also get together to watch movies, play games, have supper, or host birthday parties. There are always people here for you!

Come sign up for your training and be a part of this big family!