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Management Rules of Center of Counseling, NCTU

Management Rules of Center of Counseling, NCTU, amended in 2006

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For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the Chinese version


I. To maintain and benefit the mental health of the students and staff, the school sets up the management rules for Center of Counseling (hereafter simplified as the center) to assist in solving all kinds of psychological distress.


II. Service Time

Monday-Thursday:9:00~12:10   13:10~20:30

Friday:9:00~~12:10    13:10~17:00

(Not Open during Lunch Break: 12:10~13:10)


III. Service


  1. Individual Counseling


There are thousands of knots in the heart. Let the counselor explore with you and help you solve the problems and worries in mind.


  1. Growth Group


The groups of gender relationship, career planning, interpersonal communication, personal growth, pressure adjustment, parent-child communication, and parents’ growth welcome your participation.


Understand yourself, and understand others.


  1. Psychological Counseling


We provide the professional information, opinions, and suggestions about a variety of mental distress or problems and assist the students in effectively managing their life.


  1. Psychological Test


Through the professional counselor’s explanation of the results of the objective tests, you will have a better understanding of yourself.


  1. Department Counseling Service


This is the school’s new service starting from 1997 to take care of the students. Each department has a professional counselor to serve as the advisor of the students.


The students with any questions can directly contact the counselor of their department.


  1. Mental Health Promotion Activities for Departments


The career planning courses and mental health lectures are offered to the departments.


  1. Mental Health Series Activities


We hold the speeches, movie appreciation, symposiums, and document exhibitions of different topics to benefit your physical and mental health.


  1. Topic Counseling Activities


We hold the topic counseling activities irregularly, including workshops, lectures, all types of counseling groups, and psychological tests.


  1. Information Provided


The center provides the psychological books, magazines, cassettes, and video tapes. Welcome to borrow them.


  1. Activity Support


We will offer the mental classes at orientation events, society activities, and gatherings with advisors.


  1. Volunteer Training


We recruit and train the volunteers of the center in the first semester every year.